Beauty week | Hair care

The first step to look beautiful is to take care of your skin and hair. It really makes a difference when both are healthy and glossy.
Besides my Forever Aloë Vera products for my skin, I have also a few products that help me with taking care of my hair.

L’Oréal Mythic Oil, Perfect combo in a little bottle that takes care of my hair after every wash. It makes my hair soft and more glossy. Especially after everything I do to my hair by styling it with straighteners and curlers!!
It’s a nourishing oil with a mixture of avocado oil and grape seed oil.
The Avocado oil is perfect for dry curly hair (like in my case!). It moisturizes and makes it more supple. The grape seed oil ensures also an extra glow and nutrition.

Mythic Oil L'Oréal, favourite of Cashmere and Ivory

But I also have my little secret savior. Schwarzkopf BC Bonacure Repair Rescue. It strenghtens the ends of my hair. Also after already being damaged, it seals my hair ends and gives it again a glossy look.

Repair rescue by BC Bonacure Swarzkopf, favourite of Cashmere and Ivory

4 thoughts on “Beauty week | Hair care

  1. I use Mythic oil all the time I love it, it is like medicine for your hair ! full of natural vitamins and oils, I have recommended this product to so many people in the past 6mths !

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