Gaëlle Garcia Diaz | Beautiful inside and out!

Gaëlle Garcia Diaz, self-defined fashionista & fashion freak.
Known to us as cover babe of P-magazine, Ché and Playboy. Now also seen on the TV channels JIM TV and 2BE as a VJ and as presenter for PokerStars. A range of activities, but certainly also a range of styles that she combines into her own personal daring style. A real beauty with a strong and diverse personality!

I spoke with Gaëlle recently during the BPC (Belgian Pokerstars Challenge).

Gaëlle Garcia Diaz Cashmere and Ivory

© Instagram Gaellegd

What would you say is unique to your personal style?
“Whatever it is I wear, it must be comfortable! There is nothing worse than falling on your face because you’re wearing  heels that are too high. Also, it must feel good and it must be correct . Because style is  a reflection of your inner  self. I love it for instance, to combine very classy or vintage pieces with more grunge or rock & roll pieces.”

Your style has changed from babe to a more edgy and grunge style.

Why this change?
“Fashion and especially your own style evolves over the years. For example, it is said that if a woman feels good about herself she shows her  cleavage, wears high heels and dresses up more. This, I don’t believe. If you feel really good in your skin, you dare to try more things and go even for something different and think: I don’t give a shit what others think of me and I go for it! In the beginning, I didn’t feel good about myself. I dressed the way  people expected from me and I thought I was supposed to look like. That was a lack of personality. I’ve grown in this and now I’m at a stage in my life that I try out a lot like shaving my hair and getting tattoos. A total image switch. I think everyone will go through a phase in his or her life in which  their style will completely change.”

You have lived in Paris, did this had an impact on your own style?
“At the moment I’m living back in Brussels but I’m still in Paris a lot. I do notice a difference. For example, if I would wear my Jeffrey Campbell heels with high waist shorts and a white top in Brussels, I get a lot of, even negative, comments. But in Paris, this style is quite normal.  Here, people are more open-minded. Therefore, I like to dress completely different when I’m in Paris unlike to when I’m in Brussels where I need to dress more “normal”. In Paris I can let myself go in fashion.”

What is the largest amount of money you’ve ever spent on clothing or accessories? And what?Gaëlle Garcia Diaz quote Cashmere and Ivory
“My vintage ‘77 Louis Vuitton backpack  which is in perfect condition and cost me € 7,000. I bought it in a private sale of Louis Vuitton in Paris. I think it’s an investment because it only increases in value. I spend  most of my money on bags and shoes. Basically anything in leather I am willing to spend a lot of money on.”

What are your favourite shoes and handbag designers?
“For shoes, I’m a big Louboutin fan. (Of course!) The Balenciaga, Alexander Wang and Louis Vuitton handbags are also incredibly beautiful!
The advantage of women is that we can combine expensive accessories and shoes  with cheaper clothing pieces of for instance H&M and Zara. It really upgrades your outfit. Accessories and shoes can add to a fancier look in no-time.”

Your body is your trademark. Can you give us some of your personal secret beauty tips?
“It may sound cliché but never go to sleep without cleaning your face. This is very important. You need to take care of your skin properly, especially your face! It is the first thing people see and you cannot afford to go asleep with a dirty skin. Plus, you should never clean your skin with milky substances, it is better to use lotions without alcohol, parabens and soap. And of course, always use a cream before going to sleep. Choose your products well, my personal advice would be products of the brand Vichy.

Another beauty tip: every two weeks I go for a manicure. Very important. Nails are the first thing a man sees, along with the teeth and the ass.”

Do you also have beauty tips for the hair?
“I used to have really beautiful hair. But after having extensions, my hair has been completely destroyed. I also dyed my hair many times from brown to blonde and back. This is terrible for your hair. But now I have incredible hair products of ‘Davines’ which help me a lot.

Once  a week I also go to sleep wearing  a hair mask. I wash my hair, I put a mask on my hair, I wrap it in foil and I go to sleep. (Your boyfriend should not pass by because it looks awful!) In the morning, just rinse your hair without shampoo. Afterwards your hair has a richer colour and feels silky smooth!”

Gaëlle Garcia Diaz Cashmere and Ivory

© Instagram Gaellegd

Are your tattoos a problem for your  work as a model? Do you keep this in mind when you are  considering getting a new tattoo?
“Yes. You never know what life has to offer. Therefore, I will never take a very showy tattoo that you cannot possibly hide. It could for instance intervene with getting  more television offers in the future, for example for the channel VTM or even a movie (because I now work  for VMMA). I It would be stupid if you did not get that job because of your tattoos. Although we now live in a society where it is no longer a taboo. It is a part of your personality and it even is a part of fashion. But also for myself, I think tattoos that need to be seen are not ok. It’s much too personal.”

What was your very first tattoo?
“My Asturian cross on my side, about 4 years ago at Ink-O-Rama in Kapelle (Belgium). In the meantime, I have been there for all my tattoos. My tattoo-artist even become one of my best friends.
My brother has the same tattoo but on a different place. We have a good relationship and the tattoo gives meaning to where we come from.”

And is it addictive, as you often hear?Gaëlle Garcia Diaz Quote Cashmere and Ivory
“Sure, tattoos are definitely addictive. I now have about 15 tattoos. It is not the fact that you are getting a tattoo, but it comes to tattooing itself that works addictive. Actually the pain.
What I love  about the idea of a tattoo is that you come to this world brought into  it  by your mother, and you can’t choose your body for yourself. It is what it is and you have to live with it. The nice thing about a tattoo is actually that it’s a link from your brain to your skin. You yourself choose what you are going to put on your skin. So I can choose with my brain, my desire and my mind what I put on my skin forever and ever. It’s actually a bit of a body tuning, to call it.”

YGaëlle Garcia Diaz for Pokerstars Cashmere and Ivoryou started at PokerStars as a presenter, video blogster, hostess of the EPT (European Poker Tour) shows, … How do you see your career at Pokerstars in the future?
“I am working for PokerStars for about 4 years now, and I’m starting to find it more and more enjoyable to play poker myself. In the beginning I didn’t like to play myself because I wasn’t so good. But the great thing about poker is, if you know the rules it doesn’t mean that you are a good player, on the contrary, you’re still very bad! In poker you need to continue learning, even after 20 years! That’s what I like about poker, to keep learning and to play more online. So now I would like to combine the two, to play more tournaments myself and also keep presenting.”

IGaëlle Garcia Diaz for Pokerstars Cashmere and Ivory can imagine, a babe / model at the poker table, male poker players will be a bit distracted and it affects their game?
“Yes, it always plays a role. You have three kinds of men at the poker table. Men for who it doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman, who just stay focused and play their game. Then you have men who don’t like to have a woman at the table and they’ll do anything to bust you and call you with shitty hands. And then there are the men who find it very pleasant to have a woman at the table and who will never call with a bad hand and who play very straightforward with you.
Besides,  we have the advantage that women have the image that they never bluff and always play with good hands. So they estimate you wrong and you can sometimes take a chance to bluff more. Plus the advantage of being known, they know you from TV, they see the pokerstars badge, … That scares them off a bit. These elements will make sure that you can stay at the table longer.”

If you find some free time in your busy schedule,  what do you prefer doing?
“Now you’re going to laugh really hard! Driving around! I take my car, put on some loud music, sing along loudly, drive around and stop somewhere in Brussels or Antwerp and go for a walk. Just getting out.
I’m also a huge car freak, currently I drive a Volvo XC60. When I was little my parents drove around with me to get me asleep. And I still like it. I feel safe in a car.

What I also like to do in my spare time is playing online poker (obviously!). And to play with my new Pug, named Ross. He’s the best!”

Gaelle Garcia Diaz for P Magazine Cashmere and Ivory

Gaëlle for P-Magazine wearing AddMyBerry

How do you see yourself in the future? Further ambitions in television?
“Two years ago I’ve chosen to focus on television. And to be honest,  in 10 years I will no longer live in Belgium. I really want to play films in France. From an early age, I’ve always wanted to be an actress. I just knew I want to stand in front of a camera. Ultimately, it has become mostly a TV career now, but it can still reverse. I’m following acting classes to improve myself.”

Where can we expect Gaëlle in the following months?

From May 3rd Gaëlle is in Monte Carlo for Pokerstars, covering the Grand Opening of the EPT season. Furthermore she will cover the EPT shows weekly on JIM-TV and 2BE together with Charlotte Van Brabander, friend of Pokerstars.

This summer “Festivalities” takes a new start on JIM-TV. Here she goes along with all the VJ’s to all Belgian festivals. She’ll probably be attending  Tomorrowland, Laundry Day, and many more…

Afterwards we went out. And believe me, always fun when Gaëlle is around!

Gaëlle Garcia Diaz en Ankie Cashmere and Ivory

Gaëlle and me


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