Détail JuwelenChristmas time is coming and for those who still haven’t found the perfect present or  jewels for your own outfit, I have the solution for you! Détail! 100% natural jewels with gemstones designed by Céline Dirickx.

I had the opportunity to have a chit-chat with Céline, to discover the story behind Détail.

How it all started
Céline has studied Economics, something you wouldn’t expect from a jewel designer. 5 years ago she went to India for an Internship and later to work as an analyst. During her year in India she discovered the beauty of the gemstones. Céline: “First I designed a few jewels with natural stones just for myself. But I received so much positive response that I decided to share my creation with everyone, by the name ‘Détail’. “


Are all jewellery made in India?
Céline: “The main part is made in India, especially the jewels with gemstones. These are hand polished by the finest craftsmanship. Every stone is different, which makes every piece unique. So it’s not a commercial product manufactured in factories. It has been handled with care to give the best quality.

Détail quote

Last season, Thailand was also added as country of production for their beautiful natural materials.
2 times a year we release a new collection and every time we try to add new accessories. Last season these were scarfs and leather bags.“

Céline in India - Cashmere and Ivory

Céline in India with Bhagwan and his familie. He is known as the best bracelet maker of Rajasthan.

What is specific to Détail?Détail quote
“We stand for handcrafted and 100% natural materials. The stones are all gemstones. The scarves are made of wool and silk. And the ‘Cosmopolitan’-handbags are made of recycled leather. This way, nothing is wasted. The handbags consist of all small different pieces of leather, each forming a unique handbag of which two of the same doesn’t exist.

All products must be natural with respect for human and nature. We insist that our suppliers in India and Thailand are paid a fair wage and give them a respectful treatment. That’s also our philosophy behind Détail.”

Détail Cosmopolitan handbags

‘Cosmopolitan’ handbags

How do you get inspired for your designs?
 “It’s more a feeling, created by the little things in life. You can find in every corner inspiration, people on the street, my friends, but also things we see and explore during our travels. By this, we are eager to go back to India in January for 3 weeks, to finish the last designs for our new collection.

Although I’m sometimes afraid for peoples reaction, my designs are my ‘babies’ and are very personal. I don’t want to disappoint people because they have higher expectations every time. So it’s very exciting for the release of my new collection on March 1st.”

Where can we buy your beautiful jewellery and accessories?

Détail private sales

Détail private sales

Céline: “At this moment not yet in the shops.
We work mainly by private sales, where people along with their family and friends can discover our collection at ease during a lovely afternoon or evening and compose their own choice. Together we look for that one creation that suits perfectly with your personality. You can choose from the different stones and everything that is silver can be gold or rosé plated. Your personal composed jewellery will be delivered within 2 weeks. It’s a whole different way of shopping, it’s more an experience.” (Book your private sales here)

Céline: “At our online web boutique you get a first impression of our collections. But because each design is unique and adapted to the customer, it’s difficult to show our full offer online.”

It is also said that every gemstone has their meaning?
 “That’s true, every stone has their characteristics and powers. This isn’t central in our collection, but it is a fun fact added to your jewel. Definitely when you give it as a gift to somebody it is an extra meaning and story you can add to your gift.

This also counts for yourself. When choosing a jewel for yourself, it’s not you choosing the stone to its meaning, but the stone chooses you. If you drop your eye on a particular stone and it attracts your attention, it means that you need that stone and its energy at that moment of your life.”

Interesting to know! 2 years ago (I’m already this long a fan of Détail!) I bought me 2 rings. Let’s see what these stones meant to me:

Détail rings Cashmere and IvoryRose quartz: Rose quartz is also called the “love stone”. He would encourage tenderness, creativity, forgiveness, fertility, compassion, happiness and tolerance as well as strong self-awareness.
Chalcedony is a calming stone, and helps against depression, anxiety and hysteria. He’s good with a shortage of calcium and provides stronger bones, nails and hair. This stone also helps wounds, fissures, winter hands and feet. Helps wounds heal faster (both physical and mental), gives comfort and stimulates creativity.
I must admit, this corresponds (frightening) exact with the period in my life at that moment and the things I needed.

Personal facts
What jewellery do you wear every day?

Céline: “I always wear a ring and earrings.
And now in winter times, I cannot do without a scarf as accessory.”

Your favourite piece of the Détail collection for the holidays?
 “That’s a difficult question.
But then I’ll go for the Sao Luis earrings in every colour. The gray onyx, the blue chalcedony and the burgundy ruby. A beautiful large polished stone. That’s all you need to upgrade your outfit during the holidays.”

Exclusive for us, Céline gives 1 pair of her favourite earrings away! The beautiful Sao Luis earrings with the burgundy Ruby. Want to make a chance for winning? Here is what you’ll have to do!


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